I didn’t think I’d get around to doing this so quickly but anyway, here it is. The first of many new Thaana fonts:

Prathama Tin

Prathama Tin - Letters and Symbols
Prathama Tin – Letters, Dotted letters, Numbers and other symbols

I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to present the whole set of characters so I grouped them in the most logical way possible.

About the Font

The first thing that you notice in this font when compared to typical Thaana fonts is its blockishness. That’s because the program used to make this only allows you to create modular fonts, that is, using pre-made building blocks (That’s the best way I can explain). So while it would be possible to create something more similar to the typical Thaana fonts, it would be very difficult. However, that isn’t a problem for me as my intention was to have it blockish.

The second thing you’ll notice is that I’ve done away with the line from which most letters are built.You can see remnants of it in ދ  ,މ ,ޅ ,ރ ,ނ ,ށ but it isn’t so prominent. My reasoning behind this was that the line is kind of redundant and the letters are still recognisable without it.

A smaller, less obvious detail is that it’s a serif font. I don’t think there are any other serif fonts for Thaana.

It should also be noted that I could not include the symbol for “Allah” (ﷲ) because it was not available in the program I used. If you use this font and require that symbol, the font will automatically change to one which has it (at least in word documents). If the symbol becomes available in the future, I’ll update the font.

For everyone from Addu, I included the letter “Naviyani” but it’s not included in Thaana keyboards (as far as I know) so you may have some difficulties using it. (Do people even use it?)

As for the name of the font, if you know Hindi/Sanskrit/Dhivehi etymology you would have worked out that I was pretty lazy in coming up with a name. “Prathama” just means “First”, as in ފުރަތަމަ. And the “Tin” (ތިން) refers to the fact that there are three lines. I know I said that having three lines is a flaw, but I decided to keep it that way because people are used to it.

Finally a text sample:

Prathama Tin - Text

Download here.