A new Thaana font! Since it’s Ramadan, I thought I might as well publish this Arabic-influenced font. This is what Thaana might look like if it were written in the flowing, cursive way that Arabic is written. Keep in mind though that it is still modular which is why it still retains some boxiness.

Here are the letters/characters:

MV Thaanarabi letters

If you look carefully, you’ll see that I learnt how to write Naviyani (ޱ). It’s Alt+1969 in Word, but it doesn’t work in browsers. Anyway, thanks to Hassan Hameed for that!

Here is a text sample – a translation of Surah Al-Kauthar:

MV Thaanarabi text

This is a novelty font if anything. It’s legible but it probably takes some getting used to. I wouldn’t imagine that it would be used for larger texts.

Download here.