Let’s start off the year with a fun post.


We all know that when you literally translate things from English into Dhivehi, the results are usually pretty funny. So I applied the idea to movies, and remade some posters just for a bit of fun. Enjoy!




Attempting to do something like this truly makes you realise how badly we need more Thaana fonts. Luckily, I didn’t have to use the standard Comic Sans style one for any of these posters. I don’t really like the look of the remade poster here, but that was the closest I could get to the original.




Yes, it’s the same font as the first one. But I think this one looks better overall.




This one may be my favourite when it comes to the way it looks.




Literal translations make you realise how weird certain expressions are. Also, for some reason, translating almost anything into Dhivehi makes it lose its impact.




This one is my favourite when it comes to the (Dhivehi) title.


And finally, a Dhivehi film poster translated into English:




I do have some ideas for more, but that will hopefully come in a future post.