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Learn Dhivehi


Lesson 1: Script and Pronunciation

Lesson 2: Sukun, Empty Letters, Emphasis

Lesson 3: Nouns, Plurals and Indefinite Markers

Lesson 4: Repetition, Quotation and Word Order

Lesson 5: Adjectives

Lesson 6: Demonstratives

Lesson 7: Pronouns

Lesson 8: Noun-Noun Sentences

Lesson 9: Another Indefinite Marker

Lesson 10: Noun Cases

Lesson 11: Demonstrative Pronoun Cases

Lesson 12: Personal Pronoun Cases

Lesson 13: Verbs – Gerunds and Infinitives

Lesson 14: Verbs – Present Progressive

Lesson 15: Question Words

Lesson 16: Questions from Statements

Lesson 17: Verbs – Habitual / Simple Present

Dhivehi Vocabulary

PDF Lessons


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